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Lucid Werkz was founded in 2021. We are a brand new small business, family owned and operated, but with a professional automotive background for over 10 Years and an Auto Detailing for 4 years. Owner Daniel decided to pursue his passion of providing high quality vehicle detailing and long-term protection that is committed to providing you with comprehensive, honest, and thorough service with the best results. Being a Recertified ASE Master Tech and Senior Master Subaru Technician, you can be confident your vehicle is in good hands!

 We can make your vehicle look brand new again and keep it that way by protecting it for years! 

Certified, Licensed, and Insured.

What is Paint Correction?

Paint Correction, is the best form of paint revival without removing the protective layer of clear coat that is applied over the paint color from the factory. We always start with the least aggressive correction to ensure that the original factory clear coat stays protecting the base layer color. Inexperienced detailers may remove too much clear coat without knowing and cause irreversible damage. Each vehicle we correct we take our time to measure the thickness of the paint using a digital paint thickness meter on each panel and do our research on how each manufacturer develops the hardness or softness of their paint clear coat to ensure the right steps are taken for a quality finish. It is highly recommended that this step is performed before applying any Ceramic Coating to the vehicles paint.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating is replacing traditional waxing with an extra protective nano layer coating that is chemically resistance to everyday paint corrosive materials your vehicle may come in contact with: UV sunshine, bird droppings, industial fallout, tree sap, FOR YEARS. At the same time as protecting the vehicles top layer of clear coat, it also provides an amazing showroom deep gloss shine and super slick layer so any debris that gets on the paint is removed with ease. It has a high resistance to water spots and mineral deposits that can be very difficult to remove from hard water or road grime. 

This is the future of automotive paint protection.

Protect your investment of your vehicle by protecting it with Ceramic Coating.