Specializing in Paint Correction and Ceramic Coatings to revive your vehicles appearance and keep it looking new for years!

Paint Correction

Paint Correction includes Clay Bar and Paint Polish to remove all swirls and scratches on the exterior restoring the paint to a showroom shine before ceramic coating (does not include exterior wash)

Single Stage Paint Correction

Starting at $250*

Recommended for Newer Vehicles (Light-Moderate Swirls and Scratches)

2-Stage Paint Correction

Starting at $500*

Vehicles with Moderate-Heavy Paint Defects

Stage 3 Paint Correction

Starting at $800*

Up to 90% Defect Removal

Paint Correction is HIGHLY recommended before applying ceramic coatings, this ensures a proper bonding to the paint surface for longevity.

Ceramic Coatings


Your car will stay cleaner longer and be easier to clean when washing for years!

Sport Ceramic Coating

Starting at $250*

Longevity 1-2 Years

1 Coat of CQUARTZ 3.0 Ceramic Coating

1 Coat of Silica Top Sealant

Silver Ceramic Coating

Starting at $500*

Longevity 3-4 Years

2 Coats of CQUARTZ 3.0

1 Coat of Silica Top Sealant

Gold Ceramic Coating

Starting at $750*

Longevity 5+ Years

3 Coats of CQUARTZ 3.0

1 Coat of Silica Top Sealant

  • All Coatings are applied to exterior paint, plastics, headlights, taillights, and wheel faces

  • All Coating Packages include a 24-hour period in an environmentally controlled enclosed space to ensure a perfect curing process

  • Ask about our Full Wheel and Brake Caliper Package (for painted calipers)

  • Paint correction and ceramic coating jobs usually take 2-4 days from drop off to pick up

  • Paint Corrections DO NOT include an exterior wash, if the vehicle is excessively dirty there will be an exterior wash charge.

*Prices of Starting at Based on mid-size vehicles*

Full Exterior and Interior Detail


  • Prewash, Wash, Scratch-free Dry

  • Full Interior Vacuum, all plastics cleaned

  • Wheel faces and barrels cleaned

  • Tires cleaned and dressed

  • Paint exterior Sealant (non-ceramic coated vehicles, 3-month longevity)

  • Exterior Plastics dressed (non-ceramic coated)

  • All windows cleaned inside and out

  • All door jambs, under hood, trunk cleaned

Starting at $200*

*Prices are starting for a mid-sized sedan - Prices vary on condition and size of vehicle - and can take anywhere from 3-8 hours to complete*

Ceramic Coating Maintenance

Coating Maintenance is required every 12 months to ensure longevity of coating


  • Decontamination Wash

  • Clay Bar Treatment

  • Application of Rejuvenating Topcoat

  • Interior Vacuum and Wipe Down

Starting at $150*

*Prices are starting for a mid-sized sedan - Prices vary on condition and size of vehicle - and can take anywhere from 3-6 hours to complete*

Other Services

4 Wheel Ceramic Coating

Starting at $200

Complete Decontamination, Polish, and 3-Year Ceramic Coating

Headlight and Tail light Restoration

Starting at $80

Wet Sand, Polish, and UV Ceramic Coating

Clear Bra, Overspray, Tar Removal

Starting at $100/hr

Difficult to remove substances from vehicles paint

Carbon Fiber Hologram Removal and Ceramic Coating

Starting at $100

Most new carbon fiber pieces have holograms from the manufacturer.

Includes: Polish and 3-Year Ceramic Coating

Paint Transfer/Scratch Removal

Starting at $50

Removes any transfer from light accidents or scratches that have not penetrated through the clear coat

Deep Interior Cleaning and Protection

Starting at $200*

Full Vacuum, Shampoo Seats, Steam Clean high touch areas and UV Protection on plastics and leather.

Add CQUARTZ Interior Ceramic Coating Protection for Years of protection (Starting at $200)

Mobile Services and Maintenance Wash Plans


Detail Restoration

Very intensive detailing package, where parts are removed and cleaned from vehicle, no part, panel, or area is left untouched. This package is mainly for "barn find" vehicles that need to be detailed and restored to the best of the original parts that are on the vehicle. We do also offer towing for non-running/unregistered vehicles for an additional charge.